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Seeing that you really care a lot for your girlfriend, this is a very nice way to cheer her up. I mean, It's obvious all of us who had ...



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I was originally going to make this into one big update video, but due to stuff that's been happening as of late that I'm about to explain, I'm afraid that's not possible at this point, so I've got no choice but to do this in my second most effective manner of delivering news about myself and/or my YT channel, which would be here. Then again, if my previous videos where I spoke are of any indication, I'm really bad at public speaking for vlogs, so therefore I'd sound like a doof, so maybe this was for the better.

Greetings to everyone who probably still is following me despite my huge inactivity, matter of fact, I'm surprised that people still seem to come back to my stuff either way. Anyway, first off, I am TERRIBLY sorry about the lack of content as of late, especially here on my deviantART account, which almost never got anything prior to my absence. By now I most likely would have dished out some videos on both my main and alternative channels, but there was something unexpected that was the cause of my sudden halt of making stuff, and while people who have been following my twitter may know what's up by now, I don't think a lot of people who follow me on here and my YouTube channel are aware of the following, which I am going to be upfront about:

On May 14th, 2017, less than 2 months ago, I was admitted into the hospital, where the following day, I was diagnosed with leukemia. I was in the hospital for three weeks as a result while I underwent several things pertaining to my treatment, needless to say, chemotherapy being one of them.

I know what you're all thinking, the fact that a GModder/Content Creator like myself is suddenly fighting some kind of cancer is very scary news and also raises a lot of questions already, but the fact that I'm the one posting about my condition and this journal being about that and bringing everyone up to speed is an indicator that I'm still alive and well enough to be typing something like this, and I will get to some questions that may arise in light of all this later.

Though, I'm once again very sorry about not telling the people on here about this sooner. My phone isn't very keen on having deviantART used on it, and while I was in the hospital, and my first while at home, I couldn't use my computer for extensive periods of time, so Twitter was my main form of letting everyone know what I was up to and how I was doing. On top of that, my phone was broken for the first half of my hospital stay, and even after it was brought to me, I mainly focused on twitter, Skype, and Discord to catch up with everyone I knew, along with letting people know how I was doing.

I may as well tell the story in the most summarized way I can, though. I'll follow up with how I'm doing now after I'm done.


If anyone knows anyone who has had to fight leukemia, or at least knows a thing or two about it, before my hospital stay, I noticed that I was tiring out more easily, I'd feel random pains in some of my joints, and most of all, I'd bruise more easily to where some bruises wouldn't go away or some tiny bruise dots would show up in parts of my body and I would have no idea how they got there. The last straw was that I couldn't go up and down the stairs in my home without feeling tired afterwards, and every morning my vision got cloudy a little bit, all of that culminated to when I got myself checked, and was admitted into the hospital that same day after a blood test showed there was something very wrong with different parts about my blood.

My phone was actually broken at the time, though, so this ended up being the last thing I tweeted before being admitted into the hospital:… I still managed to at least let my friends know about my condition, as I was able to use a family member's phone to inform LeftyGreenMario, who also had BlueYoshi121 (AKA Garoam, someone I join a stream with on the weekends and Mondays) added on steam, to at least inform most people we both knew, which is a sizable chunk of this community. By the time I got my repaired phone brought to me, the info was out amongst my friends. If my past tweets over the course of the past two months aren't already probably any proof, he did tweet about the situation on his next stream.…

So needless to say, when I was diagnosed with leukemia the next day, I was very scared about how I would pull through, and needless to say, I was afraid of dying, too, because being diagnosed with a form of cancer at 18 years of age is extremely offputting, but thankfully I managed to pull through and come back home, though as a result of my chemotherapy, while I didn't lose any hair much to my own surprise, my legs were weakened, which lead to some complications after being released, but if my tweets say anything, I managed to overcome them and still do various things I previously thought I wouldn't be able to do due to not knowing how long I'd be in the hospital for.

Flash forward to now, thankfully, the treatments are indeed working, as the results of the last (although quite painful) sampling I had had shown that the leukemia cells weren't visible under a microscope anymore.

Sorry if you guys don't know some of the medical talk here. I guess it's what happens when you've been a cancer patient for so long already.

So even though I'm still paying visits to the hospital in regards to my treatment these days, I'm still here, and I'm thankful about that. However, every week, and for quite a few weeks too, I'm getting lumbar punctures as a just in case thing just to make sure no cancer cells form in that area, but those procedures themselves end up screwing with how long I can stand up, let alone sit at a computer pretty badly, so I have to be bed-ridden most of the time, and considering my next one is tomorrow, and now that I had what I was going to say fully planned out, I thought now would be a good time to do it while I still could.

In other words, I'm on the road to recovery, but I'm not there yet.
 There's still some things I have to get through, one especially being a bone marrow transplant in the future, just to make ensure the highest chances that the leukemia doesn't come back. I'd like to talk about that more, but I've already made this journal long enough, so let's get to the future of my channel in light of this, starting with some questions that I'm expecting to arise in light of all this news.

Q: Are you going to stop making content on YT/dA?

A: For now? Most likely. Once I'm recovered? Hell no. I'll be more than happy to return to making content on YT
and dA, even if it's not 100% GMod, and has some YTPs or normal vids thrown in the mix, which is what I've always loved doing in some form for each. The thing is, all of those take a sizable amount of time to make, Garry's Mod videos especially. I may or may not shell out a few short videos on my alternate channel, YTPs or not, depending on how I'm holding up, since it's mostly video editing, but as much as I hate to say it, don't expect any new Garry's Mod videos from me until further notice. Those take a crapton of time to make, especially ones where I try not to have choppy or exaggerated animation, even if it's a few seconds, I shit you not, and as I said with how lumbar punctures affect me, I really am in no condition to make GMod videos at all. I'm very sorry about that, but once I'm ready to get back to it, you guys will know. Pictures are PROBABLY not out of the question, but they still take a lot of time if you want to make something good, so don't expect new GMod pics either. I'm pretty much putting my health in my main priority, really.

And this is one many people are going to be wondering about, so I really do want to address it:
Q: What's going to happen to your ongoing projects/tennises on your YT channel? Such as Pinkie Pie's Exciting Adventure?

First off, about that, I got some good news and bad news. The good news is, they're not going anywhere; I'm not planning on shelving them anytime soon. THAT ALSO APPLIES TO PPEA JUST TO ENSURE THAT. In PPEA's case, believe me, TIShadster and I love working on and sharing ideas for that series to death, and to throw it all away wouldn't be good for either of us. Though, the bad news is: I have absolutely no idea when they'll see the light of day. Once again, even after my treatment ends, there will be things I'll still have to do, whether it's medicine and/or recovering, so it will be a while before I get back to GMod video making, especially on the scale of things like PPEA, so I'm really sorry about that. I still want to work on such things, believe me, but I've already mentioned what's holding me back.

I'm pretty sure I had more possible things that needed addressing to be put on here, but it's late, so I suppose I'll wrap it up there. Don't hesitate to ask me anything else, though. I'll try to answer.


If you haven't already, please follow me on Twitter here if you want to keep up with how I'm doing outside of here and the like:

Once again, sorry for not bringing this up sooner. This was the best I could do to bring people who didn't know up to speed despite any complications I might have had. Either way, I'd like to thank everyone whose done their best to give me as much support as they could throughout this tough time of my life. It really means a lot and raises my spirit, and to those finding out about this just now, once again I'd like to apologize about the effect this has on my channel and such. I really hope you can understand.

It's time for me to sleep after writing all this, since I'm tired, therefore I apologize if there's any weird errors in this. I'll see you all later.
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So tomorrow I'm going back into the hospital for 3-4 weeks for a bone marrow transplant to (hopefully) prevent the leukemia from coming back. I'm nervous, but I hope it goes well...


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Avatar icon made by :iconnoerusan:. devID made by yours truly.

Dunno what to write, but I'll think of something. In the meantime, have a dispenser.

Current Residence: CA
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Jazz, and mainly VGMs
Favourite style of art: Humorous, Action
Operating System: Windows 7 (Because fuck windows 10)
MP3 player of choice: iPhone 4S
Shell of choice: I don't know. ._.
Wallpaper of choice: Something from either GMod or a video game.
Skin of choice: I don't know what kind.
Favourite cartoon character: Don't know.

:iconmiiverseplz: :…
:iconyoutubelogoplz: :…

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:iconbriefcasey795: I play scout by labet1001

:iconbriefcasey795: I play demo by labet1001


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